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For clients who do not want to pursue traditional brick and mortar publishing, I feel very fortunate to be able to recommend a reliable self publishing boutique. I refer authors to SuburbanBuzz knowing they will get great formatting, book cover design, and publishing for a fair price.

Print on demand books are prepared for Createspace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and e-books are prepared for Nook, Kindle, iPad, laptops and other electronic readers. My clients also hire SuburbanBuzz to design their landing pages and marketing materials, as well!

Need One-Stop Print and eBook Solutions? Hire us for your Editing, Formatting, Book Covers, Sales/Marketing listings, and Website Projects. From start to finish, we collaborate with authors.
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Here’s a sampling of my book editing clients who I’ve referred to SuburbanBuzz for self publishing. Each had great results and was happy that the self publishing process went so smoothly!


self publishing





  • Sit It Out Or Dance by Sally Gerth
  • A Look Back by Velma Jenkins-Wilkins
  • Too Many, Too Soon by Velma Jenkins-Wilkins
  • Untying the Knots Before Tying the Knot by Rose Enyioma
  • You Are Going to Make It by Lucille Ankum
  • Orion’s Belt: Birth of the Hunter by John Peter Ferris
  • Orion’s Belt: Baptism Under Fire by John Peter Ferris
  • Keeper Of My Soul Testimonials by Tina Levine
  • The Metabolic Revival by Josh Parrish

Learn More About Self Publishing

Please check out my Book Publishing page for fascinating descriptions of traditional book publishing, e-books,  print on demand and offset printing. The more you know as an author, the better prepared you’ll be to launch your book!

In fact, this website is filled with helpful interest for authors and businesses. Please feel free to navigate the pages and blog to find out more.

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