Creative Copywriter: Jingles, Slogans and Taglines

It takes a clever use of words to formulate effective advertising copy and promotional pushes. I specialize in:

  • Ideas
  • Concepts
  • Headlines
  • Straplines (taglines, slogans, catch phrases)
  • Jingles
  • And more…creative copywriter

Every day we are bombarded with branding and assaulted by ads. It’s no wonder that consumers block out the marketing madness! But never fear — your creative copywriter is here! My job is to wordsmith brilliant messages that break through the clutter.

It’s not easy to create copy that resonates in a saturated world of sell, sell, sell. Target audiences are conditioned to ignore the mundane and tune-out the annoyance. That’s why individuals and businesses hire professional copywriters who expertly channel the consumer’s wants and needs, while developing marketing material that catches eyes and ears.

A Creative Copywriter Cuts through the Clutter

Subtle and subliminal. Daring and different. Loud and “Look at me!”  Every campaign is unique, and every message requires research and analysis to determine how best to launch successfully. Who better than a creative copywriter to help their clients identify the sweet spots?

Take jingles, for instance. A good jingle sticks. It’s musically memorable (catchy), easily recalled (short and simple), and evokes emotion (positive association). So when a jingle takes off, so does the brand.

What about headlines? Good journalists know how important a headline is, and so should businesses. A creative copywriter is a master at hooking ’em at the headline and pulling viewers into the content.

Same for slogans. Every copywriter worth their salt can shout out some of the most popular and memorable slogans in the world, such as “Just Do It,” “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands,” “I’m Lovin’ It,” “Because You’re Worth It,” “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard,” “The Quicker Picker Upper,” “A Diamond is Forever,” “American Runs on Dunkin,” and “Got Milk?”

I Can Help!

I’m a professional writer who absolutely loves putting together creative copy. Check out what I can do for you and let’s talk about your marketing and advertising needs!

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