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It’s pretty obvious that people are deeply connected with their smart phones and other electronic devices such as laptops and iPads. So if you want to sell books, promote a service or support a cause, then social media marketing is the way to go. A vast audience awaits!

Social media is a wonderful tool that allows you interact with a wide market. But what if you’re not an expert on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and other platforms that are free to use? What if you don’t have time to administer your accounts?

The answer is to hire an expert who handles the tasks for you. A social media marketer understands what each platform has to offer. In fact, I administer social media pages for a host of clients and would love to collaborate with you, as well! I can help you set up, network, monitor and manage your social campaigns.

You definitely want to take advantage of at least a few of the free social media marketing resources available. The mission is to share digital stories and contribute optimized copy that links back to your own website. But the writing has to be good. Yes, the writing has to be strategic and optimized. If you aren’t sure how to create this powerful type of content, I can help!

social media marketingSocial Media Content

Social media is just that — social. It connects people across a digital planet with news, topics and items of interest. Marketers and sales professionals use it to sell products and services, rally a charitable cause, or win political battles.

But what should you share? And what is the best way to do so? Here’s the fool-proof method, step-by-step:

  • Website blog
    • Write strategic and optimized content in blog posts, or hire an expert blogger to write it for you.
    • As a blogger, I focus on topics that interest your audience and invite them to learn more.
    • I write professional blog posts across any number of industries and attend to the pesky details: word count, focus keywords, SEO titles, meta tags, headers, keyword-rich content and more.
    • It’s these details that feed the search engines and get results. Don’t scrimp on them—exploit them!
    • Blog three times a week and see the results.
    • Learn more here and here.
  • Link your blog post to your social media accounts.
    • I share blog posts and other relevant content to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and other social media accounts.
    • I schedule posts in advance through any number of services like Hootsuite or similar services (Hootsuite is my favorite).
    • When viewers click on these posts, they end up back on your website where your content is stored.
    • NOW you have potential customers, fans and subscribers on home base, where they can explore your site and react to calls-to-action.
  • Social media oversight
    • Sharing content isn’t enough. You want followers to interact and weigh in with comments.
    • That’s where social media marketing succeeds or fails—you must oversee your social media accounts and respond to the activity.
    • This may mean deleting spam comments, or linking additional content from your website. People absolutely love it when you answer their questions!
    • However, oversight is time-consuming. Many individuals and organizations hire a social media marketer to post, respond and problem solve. I love social media marketing and take good care of accounts for clients.

Facebook Ads

Do you notice the ads that run on Facebook? Are you interested in running your own ads, but aren’t sure how? I ran six-figure Facebook ads for an international company and targeted hard-to-reach audiences, so I’m well versed in Facebook advertising strategy and analytics. Let me know how I can help your campaign!

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