Marketing Copywriter: Brochures and e-Books

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Hire a marketing copywriter for your brochures and e-books

Everyone needs professionally written brochures and marketing materials. After all, you only get one chance to make a great impression. Professional marketing copywriters create rapport, build bridges, engage, persuade, and motivate customers to take action. I excel at crafting your content and elevating your brand. The mission is to convert curiosity to sales!

Brochures and Marketing Material

Your brochure is the “face” of your company and should be as great as your product or service. It should generate interest and grab attention. When potential customers pick it up, they deserve to be “wowed” by both the design and the message.

The content should always be written from the customer’s point of view. It can answer questions, overcome objections, and include a call to action — but it has to be done concisely. A cluttered brochure with tiny print is a nightmare to read. So when I put together brochure verbiage for my clients, I focus on the following:

  • Marketing Angle
  • Key Message
  • Clear Content
  • Product Purpose & Range
  • Service & Satisfaction
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Target Audience
  • Slogan or Tagline

You can print your brochures as well as upload them to your website. And there are additional online sales tools you can publish, as well (see below).

Pamphlets and E-Books

All your marketing material should work as hard as you do! Print and digital pamphlets, as well as e-books, are powerful marketing and sales tools that lend instant credibility to any product, service or charitable cause. But they must be well written and well edited. After all, they can be shared anywhere in the world and represent the core of your enterprise.

Marketing Copywriter — Accuracy and Skill Make All the difference

Again, your marketing copywriter has expertise to forge that all-important connection with your potential clients and returning customers. Content that resonates confirms your authority, professionalism and product/service value. When I write pamphlets and e-books, I do so with the following in mind:

  • Product or Service Overview
  • Narrative that Compels — the Backstory
  • Tell & Sell the Benefits
  • Inspire & Educate
  • Include Resources, Case Studies, White Papers & Citations

By the way, if you need help with graphic design, I point my clients SuburbanBuzz for all their design needs. I’ve worked with this company for years and the owner has a master’s degree concentration in applied graphic design…you can’t get much better than that!

I’m the Marketing Copywriter…You’re the Author

Yes, when you hire me as your marketing copywriter, my services are white labeled. I simply produce copy on your behalf — you or your organization get all the credit. Consider me your ghostwriter for all marketing initiatives and take the worry out of writing!

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