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Book editor interviews

Book editor interviews with directors, producers and authors of book-to-film projects

Book Editor Interviews

I’m a book editor. I’m a journalist. And sometimes these two careers intersect in interesting ways! It inspired me to roll out what I call my “book editor interviews” with highly recognizable movie talent.

For instance, I watched Walking With The Enemy for the first time on Netflix the other night, and thought, “Wait a minute, I interviewed the director!” It prompted me to look back my interviews with movie directors, producers and authors who have adapted books and unique stories to film.

Below are links to eight really interesting (and lengthy) posts about each. As for the movies that were adapted from books, well, it’s worth mentioning that a book editor was behind the scenes preparing a manuscript for future projects! I was personally involved in one such project, the book entitled Live For Today and adapted to a full-length feature Indie film by the same name (mentioned below).

So here goes:

Roma Downey: Son of God

It was such a delight to meet Roma in person and discuss the film Son Of God. She not only produced the film, but starred as Mary. We all know and love her from the television series Touched By An Angel, which ran nine-seasons (and 211 episodes). By the way she’s a children’s book author too!

You might also be familiar with her husband Mark Burnett, a former British paratrooper and producer of the TV shows Survivor, The Apprentice, The Voice, and Shark Tank.

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Peter Ramsey: Rise Of The Guardians

Hollywood director Peter Ramsey is notably the first African American to direct a big budget CG-animated major motion picture. It was a delight to interview him about Rise Of The Guardians, a movie adapted from William Joyce’s The Guardians of Childhood book series and The Man in the Moon short film by Joyce and Reel FX Creative Studios.

Rise Of The Guardians is a holiday classic by DreamWorks Studios starring Alec Baldwin!

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Todd Burpo: Heaven Is For Real

I interviewed Pastor Todd Burpo twice — once about the book Heaven Is For Real and once before the movie debut, starring Greg Kinnear. His son Colton’s extraordinary near-death experience can be summed up with a conversation between him and his mother Sonja when he was a little boy:

book editor interviews
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Rick Santorum: The Christmas Candle

Anyone who follows politics knows Rick Santorum served two terms as senator from Pennsylvania…but did you know he took over the role of President of EchoLight Studios? He’s also a proud father with a cause and has written a book on  his young miracle daughter Bella’s struggle with Trisomy 18.

My interview with him had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with faith. He reenvisioned a Max Lucado book entitled TheChristmas Candle and rolled out a big screen treasure, starring none other than Susan Boyle!

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Galley Molina: I’m In Love With A Church Girl

Pastor Galley Molina’s movie I’m In Love With A Church Girl is loosely based on his own life experiences. Starring Adrienne Bailon and Ja Rule, it delves into themes of rebellion, redemption, temptation and the choices young people face as they navigate a complicated world.

As you can imagine, this movie was popular with younger audiences.

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Mark Schmidt: Walking With The Enemy

Wow! My interview director Mark Schmidt began as an illuminating walk through World War II, and then segued into the Holocaust and atrocities committed against the Jews of Hungary. This movie, Walking With The Enemy starring Ben Kingsley, is based on the little-known story of Pinchas Tibor Rosenbaum (1923-1980), who was ordained as a rabbi at age 18 and was risking life and limb to save his fellow Jews by age 22 in Budapest.

This heroic tale is one of my favorites and a lesson to “never forget.”

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Daniel Ferguson: Jerusalem IMAX

Amazing, amazing, amazing! The aerial photography alone was a reason to see Jerusalem. This National Geographic IMAX film, directed by Daniel Ferguson, unveils the intersection of Christianity, Judaism and Islam in the holy city of Jerusalem. Audiences get an “up close and personal” view of the city, holy sites, and surrounding scenery.

Interestingly, it’s told through the eyes of three girls, one of each faith.

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Joe Barfield: Live For Today

Houston-based author Joe Barfield has authored an extension collection of books. Fortunately for me, he brought me in on Live For Today, a novel loosely based on his youthful experiences in Spring Branch back in the 1960s and 70s.

What an adventure! I was editing the book while the full-length feature film was in post-production. What’s really astounding is that the film was shot by high school students at a caliber that riveled major studios!

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