Political Speechwriting and Campaign Talking Points

political speechwriting

Political speechwriting — when words affect outcome

Many politicians don’t write their own speeches. Instead they rely on political speechwriting experts to craft compelling messages. I’ve been privileged to assist politicians and political hopefuls in their campaigns. As a wordsmith, I’ve written everything from political website content to speeches to jingles. In fact, political speechwriting is an art form. Every single word counts in a digital world where audiences and journalists are likely to tune-in, record, quote and share.

Political Speechwriting — When it Counts Most

From local level politics to a national spectrum, the goal is always the same: convert non-voters to voters. One sure-fire way to do that is to bring your electorate to its feet. Great speeches are often a combination of easy-to-understand verbiage and rousing oratory. They inspire trust and buy-in, and can also spark word of mouth and grassroots endorsements from the very people who cast the ballots.

The mission is to connect with voters who long to hear a message reflects their values, hopes and future aspirations. Whether the speech is written for school board contender, a incumbant constable, a state legislator, a senator, or even POTUS, the words must ring loud and true.

Delicacy and Balance in Political Speechwriting

We all know the challenges faced by politicians. They have a diverse demographic of potential supporters, all with varying views. Voters have differing opinions on social and fiscal policies. They may agree and disagree on a certain items, from a candidate’s platform to a party platform.

It’s a tightrope and balancing act. The message must be broad enough to include people who “straddle the fence,” yet confirm the beliefs of die-hard voters. The point is, every candidate must have talking points that are genuine and powerful enough to sway (and deflect) detractors.

I specialize in research and wordsmithing. As a fan and follower of politics, I’ve studied the great speechwriters and know what can make a speech soar…or sink. As a professional writer with decades of experience, I enjoy nothing more than tackling the issues, scoring points and engaging audiences.

Non-Political Speeches

You may be tasked with presenting a speech for a speaking engagement, fundraiser or charitable event. I write speeches for all occasions, including toasts and roasts.

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