Faith-Based Book Editing: Light Up the Darkness

faith-based book editing

A wonderful faith-based book editing project!

I so enjoyed a faith-based book editing project entitled Light Up the Darkness by Bill Royal. This book is very much a primer written to equip Christians to defend the faith in an unfriendly social climate.

Bill Royal was a joy to work with and brought many decades of experience to his manuscript. He strongly feels that Christians need tools to counter the anti-Christian sentiments we see all around us. Sometimes Christians find themselves in seemingly no-win situations while surrounded by doubters, skeptics, moral relativists, and lukewarm believers. His purpose in writing Light Up the Darkness is to have the knowledge and answers available to make a case for Christ, and thereby carry out the Great Commission.

Be sure and check out Light Up The Darkness on Amazon.

Faith-Based Book Editing

Bill’s book is one of many faith-based book editing projects I’ve been hired to participate in—one of the great honors in my career. Through Daniel’s Eyes is another excellent example of Christian literature that addresses the complex, layered journey of Daniel through his teen years and adulthood in an early age of political intrigue, straight out of the Old Testament.

I also edit memoirs, self-help books, and Christian fiction. In fact, I’m in the middle of a project with a pastor who is writing a nail-biter of a novel, putting a very human face of a fictional character who happens to be a pastor, as well. I’ll post an update when that faith-based book editing project is completed and published.

Oh — and another project just wrapped in which author Louis Martinez wrote a book loosely based on his life, because he promised God he would. After the writing began, he wondered, Why in the world did I make that promise? This is harder than I ever imagined! Well, Louis’ book turned out to be a very touching tribute to miracles and God’s blessings when we least deserve them. I’ll post about it soon!

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