Book Edit Rates

Everything You Want to Know About Book Edit Rates and More

For industry standard book edit rates, as well as rates for just about any type of writing or editing imaginable, I refer to the Writer’s Market Guide. I email it to clients as an attachment, but you can view it at this link. It’s written for writing consultants, but I point author clients to it so they can get an idea of industry rates and what editing and ghostwriting rates to expect.

The writer’s Digest guide lists low, average and high rates for just about every type of writing project imaginable.  My rates fall in the middle—I want to keep them reasonable, fair and affordable. In fact, I do not price gauge for celebrity or high profile clients, and I try to avoid haggling regarding my quotes. It is what it is — average industry rates from an experienced and highly qualified editor.

Book Edit and Writing Consultant Payment Plans

Editing and writing services do require an investment based on the size of the book and the type of editing required. Generally, we agree to a quoted price that involves a down payment.

If an author simply can’t afford a half down payment, I offer payment options and installment plans. I use QuickBooks in order to offer online ACH or credit card payments and really like the efficiency. I accept Paypal as well, and, of course, checks.

My goal is to get your manuscript properly edited so that you can present it to literary agents or self publish, and am extremely flexible when working with author budgets. I understand how important this investment is.

Although I charge for book editing and ghostwriting, I do include some services free of charge, such as proving help with editing query letters and book synopses. The Writer’s Market guide clearly indicates the cost of this service, and the fact that I do not charge for it adds value to your bottom line.


If you’d like to discuss book edit rates or receive a quote for any of my writing and editing services, please email me at I’d love to hear from you.