International Book Editing

international book editing

I offer International book editing and copywriting services.

I’ve edited books for authors all over the United States — north, south, east and west. Whether they are located in New York or California or any point in between, I enjoy the nuances of speech and setting, but most of all, the imagination of these writers.

And then along came my international clients, which added another layer of lingo and vernacular and even salty language. It takes training and dedicated amount of study to understand the similarities and differences of our shared eytomologies, whether we are American or Canadian or Australian or British of a non-native speaker of English.

International Book Editing — Canada

About nine years ago, my first international book editing client hired me for a mystery/romance novel, followed by the sequel. That special author, C. Elizabeth, is based in Canada and kept me busy with additional books in other genres, as well. One entitled Soul Control features my daughter on the cover. Despite the scary cover image, it’s very much a “Twilight”-type book — good vs. evil, young love kept innocent, and a compelling plot. You’ll also see these book covers on the slider at the bottom of this web page.

International Book Editing — Australia

Next came an Australian author, Gladys Quintal, whose brave story encapsulated the most horrific abuse and her ability to overcome it — a true-life news headline story in Australia. It took decades for her perpetrator to face justice. Just playing a small role as her editor changed my life as I worked through the book. It opened my eyes to dark family secrets which the most courageous overcomers reveal. I have such admiration and respect for the survivors.

International Book Editing — Switzerland

I have to say, the colloquialisms in various international projects has given me a virtual trip around the globe, even into Switzerland. I’m currently working on a David and Goliath story with a remarkable author whose story must be read to be believed. More on that when the book publishes.

Copyediting Projects — Europe

Although book editing (with an emphasis on international book editing for the purposes of this blog post) are by far my biggest projects, I’m hired by European firms to “Americanize” their English. One such client is located in Germany, which is serendipitous due to my German and Swiss grandparents who spoke the language, and my two years of high school German.

Bringing Your Story to Life

After working in the world of words for more than thirty years, earning a bachelor’s degree in English, and pursuing a master’s degree is digital media … well, let’s just say that I love what I do and I do it full time. What an incredible feeling bubbles up when a manuscript is ready to launch—a unique and never-before-told story for other to enjoy, study and even cite. Check out my book editing page here.

Doesn’t it make sense to have a professional editor develop your book? Contact me and let’s make it happen!

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