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I’ve written many press releases for clients, but never author press releases for myself, let alone a co-author. The Eugene Powell Project has been a two-year journey alongside my co-author Brian O’Connor and is finally a reality!

I’m thrilled with the opportunity to do so with the publication of The Original Rolling Stone: The Travelin’ Riverside Blues of Eugene Powell. This magnificent biography is now available on Amazon.


Real-time Example of Author Press Releases

Below is the press release I wrote and deployed worldwide to blues magazines and editors, formatted in Word rather than a PDF as a courtesy to anyone who wants to cut and paste its contents. Editors are busy — I know this personally, having been an editor in chief for two magazines and a contributing editor for five. So the quickest and most efficient way to prompt reactions from editors and news decision-makers is to make the copy easy to access and share.

Here goes:


Melanie Saxton                   
Melanie Saxton Media | Sunny Southern Productions

The First-Ever True-Life Story of an Iconic Bluesman

author press releases

Photography by John Keen. All rights reserved.

October 14, 2019, Largo, FL: Sunny Southern Productions has published the never-before-told story of Eugene Powell, a.k.a. Sonny Boy Nelson, a Mississippi Delta bluesman, musical child prodigy, and sharecropper who became the most traveled blues artist in the Mississippi Delta (1908 – 1998).

The Original Rolling Stone: The Travelin’ Riverside Blues of Eugene Powell, Book One in the Riverside Blues Series, shares the legacy of an unsung blues hero in the musical incubator of the Delta. The biography spans nearly nine decades.

Scholars have studied him and journalists have interviewed him, but no one has had access to the details of his authentic journey… until now.

Author and manager Brian O’Connor of Largo, Florida shares his conversations with Eugene and additional interviews with family and friends that transport readers into a time when the blues were born, cotton was king, and Eugene’s brand of blues magic was woven into the musical traditions of the Deep South.

The first of its kind, this fascinating and adventure-packed tale is milestone in blues history, filled with rare photos and culturally, spiritually, and musically significant firsthand accounts of a bygone era. It is a must-read tribute that captures Eugene’s famed 1936 Bluebird recording session with his wife Mississippi Matilda, the Mississippi Sheiks, Little Brother Montgomery, Ernest 44 Johnson, and other musical giants.

Sunny Southern Productions chronicles the journeys of original blues artists before their stories are lost to time. The biography of Mississippi Matilda, another first, is in pre-production. Contact co-author and publicist Melanie Saxton of Houston, Texas.


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