Minority Authors: A Look Back at Incredible Stories

The voices of minority authors are some of the most important for our nation to hear, but their stories have often been underrepresented and under-reported. I can’t let this month, June 2020, go by without mentioning the incredible contributions black authors have made in the world of words, especially in honor of Juneteenth. If you’ve never heard of Juneteenth, you’re probably not from Texas! Click here to learn more.

Below are a few notable projects that shine a spotlight on unique talent who inspire us in the literary realm, and more importantly, as human beings.

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Eugene Powell and Mississippi Matilda

Complete Riverside Blues Series COMING SOON!

As an author, I’ve chronicled the lives of some of the most amazing people on the planet, including Eugene Powell and Mississippi Matilda. This husband and wife team were born in the early 1900s and became iconic blues artists.

Yet their true-life stories were untold until I began working with co-author Brian O’Connor, Eugene Powell’s last manager. What an honor to chronicle their legacies as well as their experiences as African Americans in the Deep South in The Original Rolling Stone: The Travelin’ Riverside Blues of Eugene Powell.

Minority Authors — African American

It’s been such a blessing to work with African American authors, some on multiple projects, and each with important stories that vary in theme. Every book chronicles challenges, transcending obstacles and overcoming adversity.

One project in the works is The Pettis Norman Story: A Journey through the Cotton Fields, the Cotton Bowl, the Super Bowl and into Servant Leadership. As managing editor for this project, I’m so humbled to work with Pettis Norman, former Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Chargers tight end.

Pettis’ story encompasses a twelve-year career in the NFL, but also decades of civic and corporate leadership in Dallas, Texas and the nation. What an incredible contributor to the betterment of communities and race relations.

As of July 2020, the book is in final editing and we are approaching literary agents and traditional publishing venues. The autobiography is in “Coming Soon!” status.

Published Books by African American Authors

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You Are Going To Make ItMinority Authors by Lucille D. Ankum

“This book is about a journey, a transformation, from being married to becoming single as faith-driven women, from the view of one who walked through, lived the life and became victorious. It will take you to a place deep within yourself … a compassionate and touching story about the feelings and emotions that are involved during the tearing and separation of a marriage.”

A Journey Through Breast Cancer by Brienda Crosby-Averhart

“Join me on A Journey Through Breast Cancer. You are invited to laugh, cry, and find empowerment on this trip. You will be taken from a breast cancer diagnosis to triumph and advocacy. I will share with you my personal story, information on prevention, a resource section, and a section for breast cancer facts and statistics.”

A Look BackMinority Authors by Velma Jackson-Wilkins

A Look Back depicts with rich and lively details of growing up in rural Alabama. We survived off the land and homemade medicine. We lived in the woods and labored in the cotton fields. Running water and electricity weren’t available until I was near adolescence – and the same goes for indoor plumbing. Yet any scarcity only served to strengthen my family’s strong heritage, which is far greater than mere material possessions. Without self-pity, these stories celebrate the human spirit and the triumphant power to rise above any circumstances. What a privilege it is to share these true-life anecdotes of struggle and survival in the Deep South.”

Too Many, Too SoonA True Story of the Death of Seven Family Members by Velma Jackson-Wilkins

“Too Many, Too Soon tells the stories of seven family members whose lives were cut short—some violently, and others through a sudden or prolonged illness from 1970 to 1994. Each loss was vastly different, but each stung fiercely. The book shares unbelievable grief… and the transformation that took place as a result. Too Many, Too Soon is the first book by author Velma Jackson-Wilkins, followed by A Look Back.

Keeper of My Soul Testimonials: Look What God Has Done! by Tina Levine

“You are not alone. There are times in our lives when we think we are alone and no one knows what we are going through. There are many others going through the exact same trials, tribulations, hurts, heartaches and pains as you are. Keeper of My Soul Testimonials is a book intended to help others so that they can be uplifted by the miracles God has performed in the lives of others. It lets the world know that what He’s done for some, He can do for them.”

Untying the Knots Before Tying the Knot: Things To Reflect On Before You Take the Vow by Rose Enyioma

There is no right age per se for marriage, but to have a fighting chance, when fifty percent or slightly higher will end in divorce, there has to be a level of readiness for those who want to go into it. There is no perfect individual, and so there will never be a perfect marriage. However, when we walk according to the guidelines of the original author of marriage, it ensures a level of preparedness and safety. This preparation involves identifying those issues in individuals which are like knots. These knots can undermine and actually undo marriage relationships. Most of those proverbial ‘little foxes that spoil the vine’ are identified in this book and dealt with from Biblical perspectives.”

Editor and Ghostwriter for Minority Authors

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