Cancer Writers — Breast Cancer Awareness Month

So many cancer writers know of a breast cancer survivor or have endured the disease themselves. I can’t let the month of October pass without highlighting some poignant stories that raise breast cancer awareness.

Brienda Crosby-Averhart, a wonderful author client, wrote A Journey through Breast Cancer. As I edited her memoir, I was struck by her honesty and bravery, but also her passion for advocacy. Her story is emblematic of what cancer writers strive to do — encourage people to encourage others.

Magazines Featuring Cancer Writers

Years ago I interviewed Penny Ducote, another breast cancer survivor, for a local magazine and was astounded at her description of finding a lump. She, too, demonstrated courage and positivity through the most harrowing time of her life.

This cover feature went on to receive the Excellence in Cancer Journalism award from the American Cancer Society — a true honor for me and a shout out to cancer survivors everywhere.

You can subscribe to various magazines devoted to cancer awareness, such as Breast Cancer Wellness magazine and the publications below.

Cancer Fighters Thrive

Cancer Today Magazine

Coping with Cancer


Cancer Writers on Twitter

You don’t have to be a journalist to spread breast cancer awareness. Just keyboarding a quick tweet can make a huge difference. Below are screenshots from here and abroad that exemplify the spirit of advocacy. By retweeting these stories — a banking center lit in pink, a hockey team standing in solidarity, an airline drawing a ribbon in the sky, a hospital giving free mammograms during the month of October — you can help make the importance of breast cancer awareness go viral.

These are just a few of hundreds of tweets trending under the hashtag #BreastCancerAwareness.

cancer writers
cancer writers

Animal Advocates

Even our four-legged friends get in on the action! Dogs and cats are great ambassadors for the cause.

Contact me for assistance in editing or writing your cancer story.

It’s amazing that our words inspire others and give hope to those facing a diagnosis. #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerawarenessmonth