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As a rare disease editor, I’m honored to work with people who navigate uncommon medical journeys. Some call their books medical memoirs or medical autobiographies, but the bottom line is that they offer stories from the heart.

These amazing authors chronicle roadblocks, victories, setbacks and relationships with God throughout their ordeals — caring for themselves or a loved one, surviving or accepting the inevitable, and sharing blessings in the midst of life’s deepest challenges.

Disease Editor

I was Touched Deeply by High and Wide

In the wee hours of a brand new month (November 2020), I’m blogging on the topic of rare diseases. Honestly, I have such gratitude for the bravery of authors who share these accounts, sometimes harrowing and always admirable. I had the opportunity to work with wonderful Canadian author, Nadine Sands, who has written two very personal books, Hold On, Let Go and High and Wide: When Grief and Love Collide.

Nadine reached out from Canada to interview me as an editor for High and Wide, and hired me based on my many years of working with memoirs. High and Wide details the journey through her husband’s diagnosis of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and their poignant love story — love as a couple, and an abiding love of God.

The Amazon Description Says It All

High and Wide is the intimate story of grief and healing, leading up to and proceeding the earthly farewell of Nadine’s husband Michael. Nadine shares the wonder of prayer and the reservoir of comfort she experiences during the ongoing grieving process, while embracing God’s continual plan for her life—which, to her surprise, included opening her heart and allowing the love of another man inside. For her, the journey of grief and love is a never-ending and ever-expanding one.

High and Wide on Amazon

Do You Need a Rare Disease Editor?

Whether you are a person living with a rare disease or a spouse or family member, your story can and should be told. It can give courage to a reader who has been recently diagnosed, or a caregiver who appreciates another bird’s-eye view — something tangible that he or she can read and study.

Sometimes a book can be so inspirational that it changes lives, and I believe this to be true on every page of High and Wide.

Also check out author Dawn Johnson’s recently published book, Living with CMT: A Mother and Son Journey through Charcot Marie tooth Disease. This is another great example of a medical memoir written to inform, educate, and honor a loved one.

Contact me about your medical journey and I’ll be happy to consult.