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I enjoy being a Wikipedia writer and editor, and have shared several blog posts about my role as a volunteer Wikipedian, my magazine articles that are referenced in Wikipedia, and my book on Mississippi Matilda as cited on her Wikipedia page.

I must say that I appreciate Wikipedia and all the people who work so diligently to maintain this free online encyclopedia, and perhaps you appreciate it too. If so, read ahead!

Adventures of a Wikipedia Writer

I just recently discovered that another article, my cover feature with musician Lyle Lovett, is cited in Wiki 2: Wikipedia Republished regarding his school days at Klein High School (Texas).

I adore Lyle, an iconic native Texan who has composed and performed his own brand of music for decades. He still tours all over the world to the thrill of loyal fans who love his music, of course, but also his genuine personality. I found him to be a really good guy with musical talent and an interesting career. It was quite an honor to interview him and discover some commonalities, such as the Missouri Synod Lutheran denomination he was raised in. It just so happened that I was raised in the same denomination.

It was great to hear stories about his quarter horse, Smart and Shiney. This stallion has his own fan base!

Surprises as a Wikipedia Writer

Interestingly, writers, authors and journalists aren’t necessarily notified when their work is cited in Wikipedia, so I’m guessing there might be more references to my work in the vastness of Wiki world. Generally, it’s information I’ve stumbled across, pleasantly surprised whenever I find an entry.

If your work has ever been published, it might be worth some online browsing to see if you’ve been cited too.

Consult with me!

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