Endnote Book Editor

endnote book editor

As an endnote book editor, I work with your references, explanations, and/or comments placed at the end of your book (and sometimes chapters within your book). Endnotes can also appear in articles, research papers, and white papers.

Endnote Book Editor Tips

Endnotes are common in nonfiction books. They differ from footnotes because they don’t appear at the bottom of each page, but rather at the end of your manuscript in a special section titled “Notes.” Some prefer this method because it keeps pages clear of “distraction” or “clutter” and allows readers to research the back matter at their leisure.

Others, however, argue in favor of footnotes (rather than endnotes) because footnotes educate readers “in the moment,” page to page, or even parenthetically. Read more about footnotes here.

Therefore, the use of footnotes or endnotes is a personal preference of the author, who chooses according to vision, voice and the book’s scope. An endnote book editor can help make the distinction.

How Endnotes Work

Endnotes help authors properly cite sources and credit other writers and researchers whose work appears in their books. Plagiarism is avoided when authors carefully attribute the ideas, quotations, and intellectual property of others. The point, as well, is to demonstrate the strength of an author’s research and ensure readers can access sources.

Each endnote has a superscript number that corresponds with placement on the Notes page in the book’s back matter.

  • Endnote numbers should follow punctuation (always after a period, comma, or quote mark).
  • Note numbers may restart in a book within each chapter, especially long chapters.
  • Superscripts should appear at the end of a sentence (or section) where someone’s material is referenced.

For example:

Smith claims that the religious texts in question are sacrosanct and therefore off limits,1 but I argue that we should explore all matters of faith, including these tenets.

How an Endnote Book Editor uses the Word Document Function

Not everyone knows how to navigate the functions in a Word document. You can learn, just as we all learn, by referring to this helpful Microsoft webpage. It gives instructions for inserting endnotes in your manuscript.

The YouTube video (with more than 250,000 views) below can also assist.

endnote book editor

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