Poetry Editor — National Poetry Month

You may be in need of a poetry editor any time of the year, but especially in April — National Poetry Month. Poets and their poetry are appearing in the media during this time of year, such as Yahoo, San Antonio Express-News, the Jewish News, and NPR. How wonderful that all forms of poetry are recognized as an integral part of the literary world.

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I’m a member of the Author’s Guild, an organization that has graciously shared information from the Academy of American Poets:

Celebrate National Poetry Month

Since 1996, the Academy of American Poets has recognized April as National Poetry Month. The Academy has 30 ways to celebrate on their website, including reading 2021’s most-read poem by a contemporary poet, “In This Place (An American Lyric)” by Amanda Gorman—whom we’ll be honoring at our annual Gala on May 9.

Poets & Writers on Facebook is a social platform that has recently listed poetry contests, and the Poets & Writers Café is a supportive Facebook group as well. The Poetry Society and Poets.org on Twitter are also active and helpful groups.

A Poet (and a Poetry Editor) Is Familiar with Writing Resources

If you’d like to hone your poetic skills, check out the Poetry Foundation’s Glossary of Poetic Terms. and take advantage of its poetry collection and virtual tour.

You can tap university resources, such as Harvard’s Poetry 101: Poetry Glossaries and Guides, Washington State University’s Poetry Terms (brief definitions), the University of Arizona’s Poetry Center, and the San Francisco State University’s Poetry Center. Emory University’s Danowski Poetry Library is aliving library including 85,000 volumes of rare & modern poetry housed at Emory’s Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, & Rare Book Library” — fascinating!

Consider taking a virtual hop across the pond to visit the National Poetry Library (London) too!

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