Dictionary Day Falls on Noah Webster’s birthday — Hire a Book Editor

Spelling and word definitions are not in everyone’s wheelhouse, which is why you should hire a book editor to ensure that your word choices, spelling, and meaning are clear and accurate. It makes sense to invest in an independent pair of eyes to take your manuscript to the next level.

Book editors attend to spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and also help with challenges such as word choice, literary devices, plot gaps, character development, flow, pacing, and more. We act as your backup dictionary and your thesaurus too!

And speaking of dictionaries, here’s a bit of literary trivia…

Dictionary Day — October 16th

Yes, Dictionary Day is observed on Noah Webster’s birthday. This great “pioneer of definitions” lived from October 16, 1758 to May 28, 1843, compiled his dictionary in 1806, and officially published it in 1828 (now known as the Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Since then, the consistency of spelling and usage and the quality of writing has improved exponentially. Yet, not everyone’s favorite subject is writing, and exploring the mysteries of the English language may not be your cup of tea.

Hire a Book Editor
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Hire a Book Editor for Expert Level Wordsmithing

Most people specialize in a profession or become experts in a trade. Not everyone can be a mathematician. Not everyone can be a plumber or electrician. Yet, the world needs mathematicians, plumbers, and electricians… and so we hire math tutors and contract with plumbers and electricians. Right?

The same goes for book editors. We specialize in the English language and all its conventions. We specialize in genres as well. A professional book editor is highly trained, highly experienced, and highly motivated to contribute to the worldwide body of literature. We want your manuscript to be all that it can be. That’s why an author hires a book editor. We are an independent, objective second pair of eyes, and we care about the quality of your manuscript.

By the Way, Some Popular Dictionaries Are…

  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  • Oxford English Dictionary
  • Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language
  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
  • Collins English Dictionary
  • American Heritage Dictionary

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