International Book Edits

I love collaborating on book editing projects, especially international book edits outside of Texas from as far away as Europe, Canada, and Australia!

International Book Edits
I’m available to consult on international book edits of all sorts!

International Book Edits — Value Added

It is, indeed, an honor to be trusted by authors and companies in other countries who rely on my writing and editing services. American English is one thing, but British English is quite another. That’s why I’ve trained and studied the conventions of British English to assist authors outside of the U.S. Sometimes the differences are subtle, and sometimes glaring. It’s my job to write and edit in the precise manner the author requires.

However, sometimes the reverse happens, and I’m hired by authors to “Americanize” their books for audiences inside the U.S. For instance, if a British author has written a western or a sci-fi manuscript with American characters, they rely on me to wordsmith dialects, drawls, and colloquialisms (and correct their attempts at slang, dialogue, and descriptions). An author might attempt to describe a cattle drive, but without knowing the heritage and customs of the American West, and ranching adventures in general, could fall woefully short.

Bridging Cultures and Commerce

At other times, firms in Europe hire me to “Americanize” their booklets, marketing material, web content, blogs, press releases, white papers, and any other types of writing projects needed. A client in, say, Germany might study my edits, share them with staff, and thus learn from my efforts. This is true collaboration on an international scale, and I feel fortunate to be trusted as an editing and writing resource.

Let’s Connect

If you are an author or company outside of the U.S. that needs editing services, you can count on me! I ghostwrite and edit books, copyedit content, and white label content for a variety of people and organizations.

Email me today at, and we’ll discuss the premise, timeline, and deliverables of your unique project!