Writer Melanie Saxton — Two Backstories!

Melanie Saxton

Writer Melanie Saxton — author, book editor, ghostwriter, journalist, and web copy/SEO strategist.

Since I’m known as writer Melanie Saxton, it’s so nice to own my unique, standalone domain name once again!

The backstory is that instead of renewing melaniesaxton.com, I inadvertently let the domain name slip through the cracks a while back. Someone snapped it up (and offered to sell it back to me for thousands and thousands of dollars), and it’s taken more than a year to reclaim it — for next to nothing. I  just back-ordered it and patiently waited until it was let go.

If you are a literary person and own multiple websites, stay on top of when they expire/renew! This will spare you the agony of losing out on these valuable online resources. Whether you point your domains back to a well-known site or create landing pages for each, your online presence is enhanced when you take ownership — and responsibility — for your digital footprint.

Fortunately for me, my website was developed (and is maintained) by Holly Chervnsik of SuburbanBuzz. Not only is she one of my very best friends, but is also the person I recommend to self-publishing author clients for manuscript formatting, book cover design, and uploading books to Amazon through SuburbanBuzzPublishing.com.

Writer Melanie Saxton — Another Backstory

Some of my earliest memories are of my formative school years in the city and summers in the country on farmland in Maryland and later in Texas. Honestly, I didn’t appreciate the farming chores as much as I should have and thought malls in the city were much more fun. But now I count it as a blessing to have that early exposure to God’s green earth, farm animals, and the meaning of hard work such as mucking out barns and hauling hay. Watching as gardens were planted and harvested, and having my own horse to ride made an immeasurable impression.

This experience gave me skillsets that later translated into the ability to narrate and be a storyteller. I learned to listen in the great outdoors — to the wind, for signs of storms, and whatever my childhood pony Beauty was trying to tell me, and later Ivy (a paint horse) in high school. I believe that, combined with college experiences and a stubborn pursuit of a literary career, turned me into a well-rounded wordsmith.

So whenever you key melaniesaxton.com or melaniesaxtonmedia.com into your browser, know that you’ll find a ghostwriter and book editor who cares deeply about you and your manuscript, and has nearly 40 years of experience servicing authors.

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