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I love working as a community reporter covering local stories of importance to readers in the Montgomery County, Texas region. Enjoy my “Mama Bears Rising” article below!


Article by Melanie Saxton

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Originally published in Conroe City Lifestyle


When Jessica Martin-Brassington realized she was clueless about her role and responsibilities as a citizen, she looked into the legislative process and laws affecting her everyday life.

“Ignorance was no longer an option for this mama. It was time to rise up for my health, family, and faith and help other mamas grow on their journey as well.”

Founding a Movement

Jessica, a certified holistic health and wellness coach, met some amazing people in the trenches, including a mix of educators, students, parents, partner organizations, and government leaders. She discovered the best approach is to be respectful and professional in her encounters while wrestling with issues that keep her and other Mama Bears up at night.

The Mama Bears Rising movement launched in May of 2022 as a way for moms to learn about parental rights that deal with education and medical issues. They also encourage parents to get involved and remain aware of anything happening in their community that could potentially impact their children.

She began tackling tough topics through her Mama Bears Rising platforms to provide connection and community and inspire candid conversations that many think about but are reluctant to discuss. Her blogs, podcasts, social media, coaching, advocacy work, hosting, and community events provide safe spaces to discuss concerns and contemplate solutions.

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Moving Forward

Mama Bear University (online courses), Mama Bear Mentors, and Mama Bear Meetups are in the works. As for concerned grandmothers, Nana Bears Rising is on the horizon and will launch soon.

Suppose you’re looking for a safe space to learn about topics affecting your life and family, ways to engage as a citizen, challenge yourself through thought-provoking discussions, and grow in all areas of your life at your own pace. In that case, she says Mama Bears Rising is for you. They walk alongside parents offering resources, solution-focused conversations, community, and support.

Jessica believes “uprising” is necessary for our children’s and the nation’s future. “We’re out of hibernation, and we’re not going back to sleep.”

Tips to Prepare for Back to School

  • Familiarize yourself with your school district’s website – registrations, calendar, policies, committees, school board meeting information, and important events
  • Know your rights as a parent – Parental Rights Bills were passed during the recent legislative session. Among them were bills allowing parents to access and review instructional materials and the expansion of Supplemental Special Education Services to students.
  • There will be a special session in the fall addressing education bills.
  • View the Texas Education Agency site at for laws, testing, graduation requirements, grievances, curriculum standards, and student assessments.
  • Communicate and partner with your child’s teachers.
  • Know your options for opting out. You’re the parent, and you can make informed decisions regarding your child’s health and education.
  • Approach this school year with a positive attitude and grace!


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