Houston-Area Book Clubs

Speaking Engagements at Book Clubs and Writer Guilds

There’s nothing more enlightening than spending time with like-minded readers and writers. I absolutely adore book clubs and local writer guilds that promote books and authors.

The whole point is to have fun while learning something new — those light bulb moments are priceless! So if you’d like me to stop by and discuss a book or delve into the art of writing, drop me a line. I’m happy to speak, demonstrate or tutor, and really enjoy talking about the magazine and book publishing industry.

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General Topics

Writing is my passion, and excellent writing is always the goal. I’m happy to visit book clubs and writing guilds to explore the ins and outs of good writing techniques. I’ve been at it for more than two decades, so nothing is off limits! From writer’s block to inspirational quotes to story arcs to good ol’ line editing, I’ve got this topic covered. In fact, I’m a writing coach! Book me and let’s have fun!

Book Studies — Exploration and Take-Aways
Writing Excellence — Tips and Tricks of the Trade
Magazine Writing | Publishing
Book Writing | Publishing
Ghostwriting | Publishing
Copywriting as a Career
White Papers — How To and What Not To Do

Special Topics

Breast Cancer Awareness

My number one cause is breast cancer awareness and survival, as my grandmother was diagnosed with the disease. I received the Excellence in Cancer Journalism Award from the American Cancer Society for my magazine article “Pink Divas” and am eager to donate my time to address this life-saving topic.

Animal Welfare

I wholeheartedly support the rescue, fostering and adoption of pets. My story, “A Band of Brothers” was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Really Did That? and all royalties support American Humane. So if you need a speaker at an animal welfare gala or pet adoption rally, or your group is discussing an animal-related book, I will gladly donate my time and participate.

Contact me at melaniesaxton@icloud.com for more information.