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Worldwide Book Editing

A worldwide book editing project

I’ve previously posted about international editing projects and wanted to add an update on a recently published project.

When a client located in Switzerland reached out for book editing services, I was intrigued due to my Swiss lineage. I had grown up around grandparents who occasionally talked about the “old country” and Swiss traditions, so the project was a great fit.

But the international intrigue and roller coaster-esque legal background revealed in the book was also an eye-opener.

Feedback From the Author

I appreciate the kind words of the author after our project wrapped. He stated in the book’s acknowledgements:

“I thank my creative editor, Melanie Saxton, for inspiration and content contribution that allowed this manuscript to evolve past the uni-dimensional.” ~ Author Mark Inglin, author of Beneath the Matterhorn: Odd Revelations and Sober Observations by an Airbnb Host in Zermatt, Switzerland

Worldwide Book Editing Testimonials — U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe

I really do endeavor to give each manuscript my utmost and appreciate the testimonials provided by clients around the globe.

“Melanie is an amazing editor. The amount of time she’s taken to ensure my writing is its best and that my novels flow (yes, novels—plural), goes above and beyond the call of duty. I couldn’t have asked for anyone more supportive, encouraging and professional. She’s truly the best and I will continue to hire her to edit my novels.” ~ C. Elizabeth, Ontario, Canada, author of Soul Control, Absolute Obsession and Absolute Obstruction
“Melanie has helped me with many novel writing and book editing projects. This one was difficult —more difficult than most—and Melanie was wonderful.” ~ Gladys Quintal, Perth, Australia, author of Life After Hell: Surviving Sexual Abuse
“WHY am I promoting another editor? We share a common philosophy. Each writer is a unique individual. Each editor is a unique individual. One size fits all is a myth. Do your homework. “Interview” a few editors. You are hiring somebody, after all. Ask for a free sample edit. Melanie Saxton and I do similar things when it comes to encouraging and hand holding. You are as important as your work is.” ~ Wendy Reis, Editor, Ontario, Canada

Much of my work also involves copywriting for clients in Europe who need help “Americanizing” their web pages, newsletters and press releases. I can help with your writing project, as well!

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