Bitcoin Book Editor

New voices are emerging in the cryptocurrency market, and that’s where a Bitcoin book editor comes in. If you’ve written a book about Bitcoin and need a second pair of eyes to ensure grammar, punctuation, flow and more, I can help.

For instance, note that Bitcoin is capitalized unless it is being referred to as a unit of measurement. Same for Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. But there’s much more to copyediting (or even developing) a Bitcoin book, including a working knowledge of this wildly popular market and some behind-the-scenes backstories.

Resources that Have Helped Me as a Bitcoin Book Editor

Like a vast number of people, I’ve been curious about bitcoin but didn’t fully understand how and why it worked. I got a bit lost in the weeds, knowing I should educate myself while worrying that buying and selling was too far outside of my wheelhouse.

My master’s degree coursework in digital media helped somewhat, but as a Bitcoin book editor what really made an impact were the amazing websites, videos and articles listed below.

I recommend Eric Yakes of for some terrific essays on the dimensions of money to the history of central banking to the history, rules and properties of Bitcoin. It sets the reader up to succeed based on a broader understanding of traditional currency vs. cryptocurrency.

Sam Ouimet’s excellent article at shares a candlestick analogy that truly illuminates (forgive the pun). It’s a highly recommended read with additional nuances such as “doji,” “hammer,” and “shooting star” that you might find interesting.

Bobby Piton has posted a great Bitcoin video on YouTube and explains the risks, including the high possibility of loss. By the way, he has quite a following on Telegram.

Last but not least, Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper is great reading for those who want an overview of transactions, timestamp server, proof-of-work, network, incentive, reclaiming disk space, and more.

Are you interested in having your Bitcoin book edited?

If so, I can help! See more about my book editing and ghostwriting background here, and contact me about your writing project today!