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I previously blogged about the interest in Bitcoin books. Today I’d like to further expand on the topic as a cryptocurrency editor. There is no time like the present to write a book on cryptocurrency — people want to learn more and are on the lookout for resources.

Books written about cryptocurrency can be a real eye-opener for novice investors. Honestly, I think more people would explore cryptocurrency if they were more familiar with the subject, so don’t hesitate to share your knowledge. After your book has been edited, you can launch it to the world.

Speaking of the world, note that digital currency is a global phenomenon — much more than a trend — and some authors are having their books translated into other languages.

Investopedia defines digital currency as follows:

Digital currency is a form of currency that is available only in digital or electronic form, and not in physical form. It is also called digital money, electronic money, electronic currency, or cyber cash.

Great Resources from a Cryptocurrency Editor

Take a look at the comments on thenewboston YouTube channel. This is an awesome series to follow (and you can download thenewboston app on your phone).

Also check out the crypto guides at It delves into dozens and dozens of cryptocurrencies for beginners, truly an amazing and wide-reaching resource for those who wish to grasp the crypto market.

And we’ve all heard of Elon Musk and his interest in cryptocurrency, but what about the forerunners who made today’s crypto craze possible? Look no further than this article at and learn more about the notable Bitcoin and blockchain leaders and their start-ups.

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