Melanie Saxton Podcast with Scott Pitney of

I can assure you that ten years ago I would have never dreamed that there would be a “Melanie Saxton Podcast” appearance with the awesome Scott Pitney of But a few years ago in 2018, on my birthday no less, Scott invited me onto his fun podcast which features a variety of voices, from authors to entrepreneurs to travelers. His slogan is:

A means for extraordinary people to leave a part of their legacy by telling their extraordinary stories to friends, family, and an audience that too desires to learn from peoples’ life experiences.

Scott is a full-time entrepreneur and businessman who has spent thousands of hours interviewing people from all walks of life — but I first got to know him from his web comedy golf sitcom FORE! in which he acted and directed. Hilarious!

Melanie Saxton Podcast
Scott Pitney (far left) in FORE!

Melanie Saxton Podcast — On My Birthday

Since this podcast interview landed on my birthday, former clients wished me happy birthday in real-time on Facebook as I talked to Scott. Chief Meteorologist Frank Billingsley of KPRC (Channel 2) in Houston was one of them, the author of Swabbed & Found (I was his book editor — read all about it here).

Melanie Saxton Podcast

Here’s the Link to the Podcast

If you have about an hour and want to listen to Scott and I banter back and forth, give the podcast interview a listen. I’ll post more podcasts from author clients who have been interviewed by Scott in future posts.

Full disclaimer — not only do I know Scott from his web show FORE! but I’ve also collaborated on his upcoming book and other projects. What a truly talented actor, director, screenwriter, and podcaster — he’s known as a “Renaissance Man.”

Please contact me at to collaborate on YOUR project! I love working with authors in almost every genre, especially memoirs and autobiographies.