Published Editor Cited in Wikipedia — The Cheryl Najafi Interview

What an honor to add my interview with Cheryl Najafi for Houston Lifestyles and Homes to my published editor portfolio. She’s the author of New York Times best-selling book You’re So Invited: Panic Less, Play More, and Get Your Party On! Cheryl has been compared to Martha Stewart — and with good reason! Few others have her level of talent and ability to connect with audiences.

It just so happens that my article was cited on Cheryl’s Wikipedia page, although I wasn’t aware until years after the fact. What an honor that my work has added to the body of knowledge on this popular encyclopedic platform. Better yet, the entry demonstrates a level of achievement and professionalism on my part, which assures my book editing and ghostwriting clients that I’m a professional in the industry.

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Musings of a published editor

A few aspiring journalists have asked how I got this assignment. The long and short of it is … I was a contributing editor for the suite of Lifestyles & Homes magazines, and my boss offered the interview. How thrilling to be trusted with such an important piece of journalism — a profession I enjoy along with other projects in the world of words.

I connected with Cheryl and gathered her insights into hospitality, motherhood, and what the future might bring. Below I share a screenshot of part of the article. To read the full version, see my previous blog post (which describes brand editing).

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