Experienced Editor Cited in Wikipedia — The Lyle Lovett Interview

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Ten years ago …

As an experienced editor and journalist, it’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since I interviewed Lyle Lovett for Houston Lifestyles and Homes. I think the more years a writer puts into the industry, the more we appreciate celebrities who are polite, engaging and have authentic and unusual stories to share. Lyle — singer, songwriter, musician, and (now) a new father of twins — dropped some cool and endearing details that resonated with me personally. In my opinion, he is slam-dunk the coolest of all the musical talents I’ve ever interviewed.

I really enjoyed the conversation and hope that Houston Lifestyles and Homes readers felt the same. Below I share my reflections in a previous website entry:

“Lyle Lovett is a guitar-playing singer-songwriter, composer, and actor who weaves a tapestry of western, folk, swing, jazz, blues, and gospel into his music. He was incredibly gracious during our interview and shared insights into his family and faith. Interestingly, he was born and raised Missouri-Synod Lutheran, as was I. It takes one to know one!”

In a separate blog post, I mentioned:

“I adore Lyle, an iconic native Texan who has composed and performed his own brand of music for decades. He still tours all over the world to the thrill of loyal fans who love his music, of course, but also his genuine personality. I found him to be a really good guy with musical talent and an interesting career. It was quite an honor to interview him and discover some commonalities, such as the Missouri Synod Lutheran denomination he was raised in. It just so happened that I was raised in the same denomination.

It was great to hear stories about his quarter horse, Smart and Shiney. This stallion has his own fan base!”

Surprises as experienced editor…

Years after the article was published, I discovered it had been cited in Wikipedia. No, not under Lyle’s Wiki page, but under his high school’s Wiki page. Klein High School is Lyle’s alma mater, and his mother and grandfather attended too. He has always had roots in the Klein, Texas area not too far from where I’m located.

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I mention this Wikipedia citation because it demonstrates that my work has merit and supports the larger realm of news and literature in a career spanning 35+ years. In fact, I’m busy compiling a post of all the Wikipedia articles in which my work has been cited and will publish that soon.

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