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In the article below, I looked into an important trade for homeowners — roofing — and new offerings in products and technology. And yes, as I wrote this on assignment for Conroe City Lifestyle, it made me envision the start of a book!

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trade books

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Article by Melanie Saxton

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Originally published in Conroe City Lifestyle

In this issue of Conroe City Lifestyle, we’re covering topics that affect the whole home, inside and out. Since roof repair and replacement is an inevitable part of homeownership, we wondered about trends or new product offerings.

It turns out that Euroshield is an environmentally friendly roofing system, now available in our area, that offers protection for your home and the environment. It’s the first and only factory-warranted hail-proof roofing material made up of 95% recycled materials. The company, based in Calgary, is well-known throughout Canada and the northern United States since 1999. More recently, these remarkable shingles are appearing on homes in Montgomery County and are eco-friendly and virtually indestructible, even in high winds and hail storms.

Where to Find Euroshield

Brian Finley of Roof Concepts Construction in Conroe has introduced this maintenance-free product to homeowners as an alternative to asphalt shingles. He explains that Euroshield brings extra value to roof replacement and repair because its green technology offers hail-proof protection and resists cracking, warping, rotting, molding, and insects. The interlocking roofing system withstands the extremes of Texas weather and high winds.

The goal of Euroshield Rubber Roofing Products is to recycle the tremendous volume of used tires and keep them out of landfills, using 70% of this repurposed rubber in its shingles. Approximately 300 recycled tires are used in one Euroshield roof, enabling homeowners to help do their part for the planet.

“Euroshield has an unbeatable 50-year warranty,” says Finley. “It protects your roof like no other product — the hail bounces right off — while safeguarding the environment. I recommend it as an eco-friendly solution for the harsh weather we experience in Conroe and The Woodlands.”

trade books

Imagine the trade books that could spring from a roofing product that’s new to our Southeast Texas area, but familiar to homeowners in Canada and the upper U.S.


The Benefits of a Designer Look

According to Euroshield, “3.5 million tires have been diverted from landfills to date, 13+ countries use Euroshield roofs, and there have been $0 in hail damage claims on our hail-proof roofs to date.”

Euroshield is suitable for reroofing and new construction applications and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. The five top benefits are 1.) 95% recycled content, 2.) superior wind performance, 3.) unmatched hail performance, 4.) unbeatable warranty, and 5.) North American made.

Shake and slate green roofing materials exemplify modern roofing built to last. The unique locking system is UL2218 Class 4 rated, passed a 170mph straight wind test, and is Class C fire rated. Check with your insurance company to see if it provides discounts to homeowners who install a Class 4 roofing material.

The aesthetics of Euroshield’s natural slate or wood shake roofing styles go beyond traditional asphalt shingles. Its weather-proof premium repurposed rubber composite comes in three designer shake profiles  — Beaumont Shake and Ranchlands Shake. Three slate profiles are also available — Vermont Slate, Vermont Slate HP, and Rundle Slate. All are good-looking, highly durable options.

trade books

Hail bounces right off Euroshield roofs!

Contact Brian Finley

“Your home is your haven, and your roof should protect it against severe weather with the most reliable shingles,” says Finley. “Euroshield is a bold, versatile product with superior benefits. Visit us at to learn more about roofing that helps protect the environment and your house at the same time.”


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