Tales of a Switzerland Book Editor — Beneath the Matterhorn: Odd Revelations and Sober Observations by an Airbnb Host in Zermatt, Switzerland

It never crossed my mind that I’d be a Switzerland book editor, but I’m happy to say that several Swiss author clients reached across the pond to hire me for their projects. From travel and tourism to romance to self-help, these projects are meaningful personally because I’m of Swiss lineage myself!

My ancestors are the Glattfelders (or Glotfelty) and hale from Glattfelden, Switzerland, a city they founded. As you can imagine, this makes these special projects even more special as I envision the lives my relatives once lived and explore my roots through my author clients’ writing.

When a Switzerland Book Editor Comes in Handy

International projects are always a thrill and sometimes a bit challenging. I pay close attention to nuances in language and phraseology, cultural perspectives, and customs that differ from ours in the U.S.

Who is the audience? That’s the big question. In my experience, international authors who depend on my services want to attract U.S. readers and English-speaking audiences.

Yet, most authors want their authentic voices to shine through. Sometimes it’s a balancing act of writing relatable and easily digestible content with a sprinkling of colloquialisms — in this case, Swiss expressions, witticisms, turns of phrases, and even mentions of traditions (some bizarre to the uninitiated).

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