Christian Book Editing Project — TRACK #25: GOD FORGIVES Book One & Two

One amazing Christian book editing project occurred when author Tylor Carr hired me to edit his faith-based manuscript. I’m so glad to see the reviews on Amazon, which truthfully describe the book as “baring it all, “open,” and “raw.”

It’s a book of lost and found, stumbling blocks and redemption, and mental health challenges from the perspective of a promising young Black male who absolutely loves the Lord. What a blessing the author and his book are to audiences around the country.


Christian Book Editing Project


Amazon Listing Description

A story of resilience, gratitude, and strength in the face of adversity.

When Tylor Carr was just 25, he had already experienced so much grief and trauma that life didn’t seem worth living. His cousin had been shot and killed, his basketball dreams were shattered by a career-ending injury, and every morning brought a fresh burden of depression. One fateful night in 2013, Tylor made an attempt on his life.

But he was destined to survive.

In this vulnerable and moving double memoir, Tylor candidly discusses the events leading up to his struggles with substance abuse, depression, and his eventual suicide attempt; shining a light on the blessings he now realizes his battle has bestowed upon him.

A powerful testament to God’s presence in our lives – often witnessed through the helping hands of those around us – Track 25: God Forgives illustrates the many precious and joyful reasons we have to stay alive. Track 21: Valley Of Death chronicles Tylor’s earlier life and the events that chipped away at his resilience from age 21 onwards and led him to a critical turning point.

Despite its challenges, Tylor’s story is ultimately one of triumph, written in the hopes of uplifting those who struggle daily with mental health or circumstantial battles that weary them with ever-increasing intensity.

We are all in this journey called life together – and we must find a way to race towards its purpose as long as we still have breath to do so.

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