Faith-Inspired Book Editing: An Inheritance Incorruptible by John Doyle Anderson

I admire author John Doyle Anderson and am proud of my faith-inspired book editing contribution as his editor and collaborator. Titled An Inheritance Incorruptible: A faith-inspired novel of historical fiction based on a family legacy, this book is a historical fiction account of what his ancestors experienced in a multi-generational Christian journey.

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Faith Inspired Book Editing


What is Historical Fiction?

Author John Doyle Anderson’s book is an excellent example of historical fiction. This type of genre takes a fictional plot and incorporates actual historical events. In this case, he used artistic license to describe what his relatives lived through as they grew up and pursued their livelihoods in early Christian households and homesteads.

With an extraordinary love of God and the determination to seek His will, the characters come alive with struggles and victories, mostly in the Lone Star state. You’ll enjoy this tale of goodness in the midst of hardships and devotion despite challenges and stumbling blocks.

Why Faith-Inspired Book Editing Matters

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