Christian Editing Services for Authors

Do you need Christian editing services? Look no further! I edit Christian nonfiction and fiction books, including memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, legacy books, pastoral accounts, missionary accounts, self-help, and other faith-based works.

I would love to collaborate on your book. I’ve worked with many Christian authors on many different paths!


Christian Editing Services

Christian editing services for all faith-based authors

Examples of My Christian Editing Services

I point potential clients to this wonderful sampling of ten beautiful projects to get a sense of the type and scope of these important manuscripts. What an honor to play a part in the “make ready” phase of these stories:

  1. More Than Sparrows by D. A. Greiner
  2. Moo Vet: One Veterinarian’s Role in Food Supply and Sustaining Humanity by Dr. Samuel Galphin
  3. An Inheritance Incorruptible: A faith-inspired novel of historical fiction based on a family legacy by John Doyle Anderson
  4. Through Daniel’s Eyes by Bill Herman, Ed.D
  5. Light Up the Darkness by Bill Royal
  6. Miriam’s Miracle: A Medical Memoir Wrapped in a Love Story by Mark and Miriam Johnson
  7. Donum Dignitatis: The Catholic’s Guide to Miscarriage by Elizabeth Petrucelli
  8. TRACK #25 GOD FORGIVES: Book One & Two by Tylor Carr
  9. Ralley Point: Place of Refuge by Daniel Bishop
  10. High and Wide: When grief and love collide by Nadine Sands

How I Assist Authors

I consider your story arc, flow, and pacing. I edit in your voice. My goal is to assist you in making your manuscript soar with the services below:

I also offer assistance with back cover blurbs and Amazon listing descriptions.

Do You Have a Christian Editing Project and Need My Services?

I’m a highly qualified editor and ghostwriter offering a suite of expert services. If you have a Christian editing project in the pipeline, I look forward to connecting.

Email Melanie at, and let’s get started!