Catholic Book Editing — Donum Dignitatis: The Catholic’s Guide to Miscarriage

If you are an author in search of Catholic book editing services, I’m here to help. It was an honor to work on one very important and groundbreaking book for women, couples, and families facing miscarriage — Donum Dignitatis: The Catholic’s Guide to Miscarriage (on Amazon).



Author Elizabeth Petrucelli does an incredible job guiding readers through a sensitive and emotional subject and also gives clergy much-needed resources as they guide and comfort through this difficult time. The book has been featured on Donum Dignitatis: Local author pens a Catholic guide to miscarriage.

Book Description

The Catholic Church has a very strong pro-life message “from conception to natural death,” but focuses on abortion and euthanasia. DONUM DIGNITATIS: The Catholic’s Guide to Miscarriage answers a real need in the Church. It provides a resource for priests, deacons, lay ministers, grieving families, and Catholic women around the world who face immeasurable loss.

Donum Dignitatis is the first book on the market to combine both the physical and medical aspects of miscarriage with Catholic teaching. With the Imprimatur, you can feel confident that what you are reading is free from both doctrinal and moral error. It’s the perfect resource to make the best decisions before, during, and after miscarriage.

What you will find:

– Types of miscarriage and what to expect

– Options available at different gestations

– Management of miscarriage and warning signs

PLUS! Catholic teaching on:

– Baptism, autopsy, cremation, burial, and funerals

– Why the baby isn’t an angel, and where babies go

– Using suffering and what it means to “offer it up”

The topic of miscarriage is largely neglected within the Church, leaving women feeling alone and confused. Many fall into despair over miscarriage and become angry with God-the exact opposite of what He calls us to do in difficult times. This book can help!

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