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National and International Manuscript Editor

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I enjoyed serving as a manuscript editor for cozy murder mysteries and other genres.

I’ve blogged a lot recently about my work as an American manuscript editor and also my collaborations with international authors. The feedback from my clients is priceless and I dearly cherish these literary relationships. In fact, many authors share testimonials about their experiences as my client and become lifelong friends on Facebook!

Manuscript Editor Services and Genres

I am a trained professional who can critique and tweak a novel, manuscript, play, ebook, etc. This may include proofreading, line editing, developmental editing or even substantive editing (much like ghostwriting in which I contribute my own words to your book). I have edited in multiple fiction and non-fiction genres including (but not limited to):

• Action/adventure • Art • Autobiography • Anthology • Biography • Chick lit • Children’s • Cookbook • Coming-of-age • Crime • Health • Fantasy • History • Horror • Middle Grade • Memoir • Mystery • Poetry • Prayer • Paranormal • Religion • Romance • Spirituality • Textbook • Science fiction • True crime • Young adult

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Getting Started

I think one of the most important things for authors to consider is their target audience(s). Ask yourself, Who am I writing my book for? What lives do I hope to impact? Why is my story important and why should people read it?

Also, consider outlining your book or at least organizing key concepts. This doesn’t need to be a complex task, but rather a memory jogger to keep you on track.

Most importantly, write every day. That’s what writers do — they write! I suggest that you keep a tablet and pen on a nightstand in case you wake up with an idea, or better yet, keep your phone on standby and record your thoughts in an audio file. That way, you won’t lose a brilliant thought and can transcribe key concepts and incorporate them in your manuscript later.

Doesn’t it make sense to have a professional editor help develop your book? Contact me at and let’s make it happen!