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As an American book editor and adopted daughter of the Lone Star State, you would think the bulk of my author clients would be Texans. Not so! I’ve previously blogged about my collaborations with worldwide clients in Australia, Canada and Europe. I think the most telling “thing” about my editing business is the volume of clients who reside outside of Texas.

In hindsight, the span of authors located in various states is breathtaking. Following is a small sampling of testimonials from north, south, east and west of Texas. I appreciate every one of the authors who penned these kind words.

Southwest and Western Authors


“Dear Melanie, I have experienced numerous hands of God. You are one of many. I have been praying for a Christian editor. One day your email came. God is so good. Your encouragement was such a blessing to my soul. God bless you.” ~ Inseong J. Kim, Phoenix, AZ, author of Rest in His love, Our Redeemer, Jesus Christ


“I am extremely satisfied with the editing services provided by Melanie. She has a keen eye and worked fast on my memoir. She offered advice not only for my book, but for social media and marketing. She was understanding and patient with my many changes and questions. She spent a great deal of time on my manuscript to ensure it was perfect before it went to publication. Melanie is very supportive and encouraging! She is highly recommended!” ~ Elizabeth Petrucelli, Parker, CO, author of All that is Seen and Unseen


“Melanie Saxton is a fabulous editor who became a friend in the process. She is such a talent! I hope many are as fortunate as I and find her, and bless her for continuing to support my cause. No matter where I go, what I write or where my path leads, there isn’t another person I would use or trust with my story.” ~ Helene Neville, Las Vegas, NV, Nurse, Marathon Runner and author of One on the Run

Southern Authors


“I’m grateful for the incredible efforts of my co-author Melanie Saxton, who contributed endless hours shaping a historic and authentic story spanning nearly 90 years. I can only imagine the projects we’ll tackle in the future and look forward to an ongoing partnership. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Brian O’Connor, co-author of The Original Rolling Stone: The Travelin’ Riverside Blues of Eugene Powell


“I’m so glad that I chose you to edit my book. I remember emailing and speaking with other editors, but no one else gave me the kind of feedback you gave me after previewing my first three chapters. Everyone else seemed to simply scratch the surface but you gave me your honest opinion from day one. I really appreciate that.” ~ Yolanda Cornelius, Macon, GA, author of Fit, Fabulous and Focused

American Book Editor — Off the Mainland Authors


“Thank you, Melanie Saxton, for taking this journey with me. You agreed to edit a stranger’s book and ended up crying with me, celebrating with me, and cheering me on.” ~ Author Sally Hubbard McCarthy

“Melanie, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of your hard work. This has been intense and you’ve been wonderful. Thank you so much.” ~ Lucas Kana, Hawaii, author of The Lei Crime Series: Princess Eyes Part 1 Book 1 and Part 2 Book 2.

Midwest Authors


“Melanie, we worked our tails off on this project. Your leadership and patience took me step-by-step through the process of writing and publishing my book. It was so professional and far exceeded what you had to do. I can’t say thanks enough.  Because of your skills, this dream has materialized!” ~ Ron “Skippy” Hancock, author of Armstrong Basketball: A Journey Through the Glory Days

“After drafting my Christian fiction manuscript, I thought, Now what? As a newbie author, I didn’t know where to turn for sound advice. Who could help me ensure my story was ready for the next step? I honestly believe God led me to Melanie. She was professional, encouraging and helpful from the outset, gently suggesting changes to strengthen the story and asking pertinent questions to ensure consistency. Her comfortable style made the hard work of editing feel more like a collaborative endeavor rather than a cold adherence to some mysterious rubric. I highly recommend her services to any writer and will call on her again for future works.” ~ Author D. A. Greiner

American Book Editor — East Coast Authors

New Hampshire

“I wanted to thank you for your help and guidance in this process, and to let you know it hasn’t gone unnoticed. I can honestly say I’d be lost without your help and expertise, and I really appreciate it. Thank you again.” ~ Author Josh Stanko

“As someone who has never had anything I’ve written professionally edited, and with the hopes of publishing, I knew I had to find a skilled book editor. After speaking with Melanie at great length about what I was looking for, I knew I had found the person I wanted to work with. She’s made the entire process more pleasant than I had imagined, works hard, offers great advice, and genuinely has the best interest of the project at heart. Couldn’t have made a better choice.” ~ Mike Trask, Author of the Dead Drive Series: A Hopefully Prophetic Unauthorized Autobiography, Home, The Lost Boys, and Revivification

New York

“Special thanks to Melanie Saxton, who proved to be critical in this process. She provided creative ideas and editorial excellence to help make this book come to life. Thank you for your insight, kind words, and wisdom during the entire process. You are more than I could have wished for in an editor.” ~Velma Jackson-Wilkins, New York, NY, author of Too Many, Too Soon and A Look Back

“Melanie did a beautiful job editing my new book, Orion’s Belt, as well as the sequel. She also recommended a book cover designer, e-book formatter and website developer — all in one! I am very, very pleased with her speedy turnaround, attention to detail and willingness to hold my hand through the whole process. She comes highly recommended.” ~ John Peter Ferris, Lindenhurst, NY, author of the Orion’s Belt series


“Melanie was introduced to me by an author and publisher in my hometown in Pennsylvania. She is extremely hardworking and insightful, and as my book editor has guided me through the journey of writing a memoir. She has also helped with social media and promotion. I feel blessed that we connected. She is wonderful and I now call her ‘My Friend.’ Thank you, Melanie, and if a sequel is in my future, you are my editor!” ~ Sally Gerth, Furlong, PA, Realtor and author of Sit It Out Or Dance