Author Editing Services

Author editing services

Author Editing Services for National and International Clients

I’m a professionally trained and highly experienced book editor and ghostwriter who offers author editing services. I have the following qualifications under my belt: 1.) a BA in English, 2.) previous certification as a teacher in English, language arts, English as a second language (ESL), special education, and generalist, 3.) three decades in the industry, and 4.) 21 out of 30 hours (and six hours for a thesis) completed for a master’s degree in digital media at Sam Houston State University.

Therefore, I’m confident in offering my services to clients throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe and love to collaborate with emerging authors.

Inspiration and Tips

Congratulations! You have a great concept and have decided to write a book. It’s certainly not as easy as it sounds, and if you get stuck or need inspiration, check out these links:

I wrote these blog posts (and dozens more) to help jump start the writing process in cases of writer’s block or if you feel stuck.

Double Checking

Through many stops and starts, you’ve managed to put together a manuscript. Now you are just about ready to send it to an editor. But first, go through this quick list of links to make sure you have hit most of the high notes, such as word count.

How I Assist with Client and Author Editing Services

I can help with manuscript reviews, manuscript critiques, manuscript proofreading, script proofing, and more. Find out about the services I offer below.

Contact Me for Scriptwriting Services

If you are interested in having your book turned into a screenplay, contact me at We can discuss your project in depth, including price, timeline, and deliverables. Let’s get started!