Reporter Journalist — and Wedding Writer (April 2016)

Have I mentioned that I spent years as a wedding writer and have more than 60 articles published? Out of this prolific volume of work, one very special article appears in Houston Lifestyles & Homes (Fort Bend Publishing) and can be read in its entirety at If you love weddings like I do, it’s worth a read.

As a Wedding Writer…

What do I look for in a bridal feature? Well, I look for floral, great photography, theme, and romance. What was the proposal like? What gown did the bride choose? What party favors did guests enjoy? But most of all, I look for a certain ambiance at the venue. How much fun did the guests have on the dance floor… and did they enjoy the cake? Most of all, was the bride and her groom willing to share the details and take me through their story?

Every wedding is unique. Every journey to the altar is a gift to the universe — and it’s up to a wedding writer to capture the essence. This was my challenge in the suite of five Lifestyles & Homes magazines in which my work appeared every single month. My editor and publisher depended on me to roll out another lovely article, one after the other, and make each one special.

Take a look!

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wedding writer
wedding writer

All Around Journalist

You never know what kind of assignment you’ll get as a reporter journalist. My favorites were the community-oriented pieces that covered feel good stories, survivor tales, and never-before-shared milestone moments. Sports writing was fun as well, and so were the interviews with elected officials. I feel very, very fortunate to have experienced this dip into journalism — a career built one keystroke at a time.

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