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As an Authors Guild editor and writer — meaning a member of the organization who works in the industry for a living — I’m sometimes asked about the benefits of joining. I highly recommend becoming a member for many reasons. I mentioned one such reason in a previous blog — advocacy, legislative priorities, and legal action in the Google Books case.

Today, The Authors Guild is standing with publishers in an ongoing internet archive infringement lawsuit. Rest assured, author’s rights are first and foremost at The Authors Guild, the oldest and largest community of writers.

Our mission is to support working writers. We advocate for the rights of writers by supporting free speech, fair contracts, and copyright. We create community and we fight for a living wage.

The Authors Guild exists to support working writers and their ability to earn a living from authorship. We work to protect free speech, honor copyright, and ensure fair compensation practices in the changing publishing landscape.

Legal help, regional chapters, writers’ resources, and much more are offered. I think the member profile section is great — an opportunity to stand out. In my opinion, being an Authors Guild editor and writer comes with another benefit as well — the All Members Discussion Digest which comes to my inbox daily. In this forum, authors ask questions across a spectrum of topics, from contracts to chapbook publishers to rates (and much more).

Whatever type of writer you are, it’s wonderful to belong to an organization that offers so much for very reasonable dues. The Authors Guild website is filled with useful information about our craft and how to navigate the (often predatory) publishing industry — an excellent resource, especially, for new writers.

If you’d like to know more about the organizations in which I am a member and why I’m affiliated with many professional groups, just ask! In fact, I’m open to consultations on book projects in almost every genre and enjoy discussing upcoming projects with potential author clients.

Send me an email at and let’s get started!