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As a Google Books editor and writer — meaning someone who has collaborated on books appearing on the site — it’s quite amazing to see these works appear in one place. With just a quick search of my name, I’m able to see the projects I’m affiliated with, which brings back years and years of memories. I checked recently and spotted manuscripts from a dozen years ago as well as my most current projects.

Google Books documents the authors I’ve worked with, each bringing fresh premises, narratives, and story arcs to their titles. Working with my author clients has moved me as their book editor or ghostwriter, quite an honor. However, Google Books itself is not without controversies. Questions about copyright infringement and the intellectual property rights of authors come into play.

Since 2004, Google has partnered with libraries and publishers around the world to preserve books and make the information accessible to people everywhere.

Google Books

The issue is that authors work hard to create manuscripts and should be fully entitled to the fruits of their labor — book sales, royalties, and a return on investment for their efforts. I’m a member of The Author’s Guild, an organization that sued Google in a landmark copyright infringement lawsuit Authors Guild v. Google to protect authors from exploitation, piracy concerns, etc. The case was ultimately rejected by the Supreme Court, stating that “Google’s copying and providing access to some 4 million copyrighted books for profit-making purposes was a fair use.”

And so, my own book appears on Google Books with links to Amazon, Books-A-Million, and more — The Original Rolling Stone: The Travelin’ Riverside Blues of Eugene Powell.

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Yes, I’m an experienced Google Books editor and writer, but If you’d like to learn more from the horse’s mouth, take a look at this official Google Books YouTube video.

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