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As a western editor and writer, it was a blessing to land a major editorial assignment from American Cowboy, a national magazine dubbed as the “cultural chronicler of the West, covering history and heritage, travel and events, art and entertainment, food and fashion.”

I’ll point you to the article titled God’s Country here and here (it runs a couple of thousand words) with a short excerpt below:

“It raced toward me from the left side of the two-lane highway. The familiar big and white sign had become my own personal landmark over the years. On the outskirts of Sealy, Texas, just north of I-10 and Port City Stockyards, it signaled the countdown: 29 minutes to go before reaching my parents’ farm. This time, there was something about the image that touched my heart—the kneeling cowboy in front of a cross, the horse in tow, and the simple lettering: “All Around Cowboy Church.” The collage of symbols called to me as I navigated the mix of dually trucks, cattle trailers, SUVs, and the occasional motorcycle passing to and fro on Highway 36.”

Other Western Editor Projects

western editor
Don McDaniel, multi-talented cowboy and author — Facebook image of this iconic cowboy

One of my favorite old-school cowboy authors is Don McDaniel who died last month (June 2022). I collaborated with him on several book projects and learned a lot about the “Western way.” He leaves a legacy of authenticity, humor, and cowboy philosophy.

I work with authors all over the United States (and abroad). Check out this blog post which shares feedback from my author clients in the West, Southwest, and South.

The question is … how can I help you? Do you have a Western that needs editing? Do you have a work in progress that needs development? I’m pleased and honored to work with authors who chronicle the cowboy culture and capture the nuances of this genre.

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