Community Editor Referenced in the City of Houston, Texas Government Site — The Welcome Wilson Interview

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The magazine cover for one of my favorite community pieces.

One of my favorite interviews as a community editor and magazine writer was with iconic Houstonian Welcome Wilson Sr. His name is familiar to many residents in Houston, including University of Houston graduates like me. Welcome is an incredible supporter of the university and signed my diploma (bachelor of arts in English) as a regent — although I didn’t realize it until after I had interviewed him!

community editor
What an interview! This became a five-page spread!

Welcome Wilson is also well-known as a businessman, philanthropist, and all-around Houston icon. Houston, by the way, is the fourth most populous city in the nation, according to the website. That same website has cited my interview with Welcome in a landmark designation report, which I was pleased to discover in a random search online. This popular article was cited in the Archaeological & Historical Commission of the City of Houston Planning and Development Department in 2015, regarding the Landmark Designation Report for a special home — the Judge and Mrs. J.A. Platt House (later owned by Welcome).

I happened to be browsing the city website and voila! — there it was. It’s always gratifying to see my work live on in other publications and be put to good use as a primary source.

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