Interior Design Editor

Interior Design Editor

I became an interior design editor by taking assignments for the suite of Lifestyles and Homes magazines covering Houston and the surrounding area. The publisher closed after 25 years in the industry, and I now share this interest with readers of City Lifestyle magazine in The Woodlands.

One of my favorite writing projects involves interesting seasonal trends in home décor and living spaces. Whether editing a book on interior design or interviewing designers for magazine articles, the first question is usually “What’s going on this season?”

Of course, our southern climate and culture create unique perspectives on aesthetics and how we decorate our homes. Below is a piece I wrote with an interesting angle on hues, textures, and a fusion of styles.

Interior Design Editor

It’s a bit challenging to screenshot the entire article, but below are the visuals and photo captions. Warm hues, cozy textures, and animal influences abound. The decorating cycle was 2015, and it’s fascinating to see which trends come and go. Some stay in perpetual favor — classic and tasteful for decades.

Interior Design Editor Notes

When chasing a story, details matter. The details must be compelling, riveting, and most of all, useful. How can the narrative help readers? What matters most to the audience? The who, what, when, where, and why should lead to inspiration, ideas, and aha! moments.

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