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Are you in the market for a law enforcement officer book editor? Perhaps you’ve written about your police career, adventures as a sheriff’s deputy, constable duties, detective cases, a K-9 unit, or your service in the military police.

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Your job as an author is to write a story that no one else can write. Yet you might worry that your book has grammar and punctuation errors, narrative issues, flaws in flow and pacing, and more.

That’s why editors exist. We are very fortunate to collaborate with amazing and courageous authors who have devoted their lives to protecting and serving the public. Our job is to polish manuscripts, address the conventions of English, and remove distracting errors so that readers can thoroughly appreciate your journey.

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About Chicago Crime Story

Imagine walking alongside a retired Chicago police officer as he recalls some of the most chilling, bizarre, and noteworthy true-life crime cases of his career. Author Frank Goff shares the inner workings of law enforcement and the politics involved, but also the realities of the streets. Sometimes humorous, sometimes heart-wrenching, these stories transport us into the shoes of real cops, real criminals, and real victims. The bottom line? Policing is a calling for the very few at great personal cost and sacrifice. Here’s to the men and women of law enforcement who protect and serve.

Detective Frank Goff is well known and respected in the law enforcement community. His 32-year career as a member of the Chicago Police Department includes many years in the Organized Crime Division as well as the Violent Crimes Division. His experiences are truly amazing. If you were a bad guy during Goff’s career, the last thing you wanted to hear was that Goff was working your case. Frank’s storytelling ability about real cases and real bad guys, make this book a must read.

— Pat McCarthy, Creator of the Street Crimes Program, Retired Gang Crimes Specialist/Chicago Police Dept., Author of Street Cop

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