School LEO Book Editor and Journalist — Campus Police

Oh, the stories our law enforcement community can tell, which is why it’s such an honor to collaborate as a school LEO book editor. I love working on books told from a firsthand, in-the-field perspective.

These book editing projects are such an honor, and so are the many interviews I’ve been assigned for magazines. Below is one such article in Absolutely Katy magazine that covers the work of (now) retired Katy ISD Police Chief Mark Hopkins and his many campus initiatives.

School LEO Book Editor

School LEO Book Editor — a Second Set of Eyes

It’s the honor of a lifetime to work with campus police, state police, deputies, detectives, K9 handlers, constables, highway patrol, border patrol, game wardens, and all those “behind the badge” as a school LEO book editor. The depth and scope of their memoirs, autobiographies, and legacy books bring us into their adrenaline world of danger and challenges, and also the high points of public service.

Campus police address everything from pranks and hijinks to the very real problems of truancy, drugs, alcohol, physical violence, and the potential for school shootings — a topic in the news lately, especially in Texas, it seems. They conduct patrols, respond to emergencies, enforce rules (such as the school’s rules of conduct), maintain communication systems, and lead school safety initiatives in elementary, junior high, high school, and college settings.

Campus LEOs also serve as inspiration for the students themselves — role models, mentors, and the reason why a high school graduate might pursue a career in law enforcement or a degree in criminal justice.

An LEO author’s job is to tell a story only he or she can tell. A book editor’s job is to polish it and attend to grammar, punctuation, flow, pacing, and more. It’s always good to have a backup (pun intended) and an objective pair of eyes in preparing a book for publication.

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