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Special Olympics writer

As a Special Olympics writer, it was such an honor to cover Team Texas as they earned medals at the World Summer Games during International Special Olympics in Athens, Greece. This article was published in Katy Lifestyles & Homes ten years ago, and it’s hard to believe how the years have flown by!

Special Olympics Writer (Without a Bird’s-Eye View)

I very nearly flew to Athens with my daughter to attend the games, but misplaced my passport. Needless to say, my daughter wasn’t very happy at this unfortunate turn of events. Thankfully, the team parents provided great photos and exciting stories against the backdrop of beautiful Greece, as did the Special Olympics organization.

Celebrities Vanessa Williams and Stevie Wonder performed, Maria Shriver and Dr. Jill Biden where in attendance, and the event drew quite a crowd! Flash forward to today, and Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are the newest Special Olumpics Global Ambassadors! The Kennedys, Shrivers, and Schwarzeneggers are especially supportive of Special Olympics. From the Special Olympics site:

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of Special Olympics, was a pioneer in the worldwide struggle for rights and acceptance for people with intellectual disabilities.

See the Special Olympics website

Since Katy Lifestyles & Homes magazine is no longer in circulation, I’ll share some fun screen shots that capture the adventures of Team Texas (below). And although I’ve covered many other stories regarding athletes and students with disabilities, I think this is one of my very favorites. The enthusiasm was palpable and the “wins” were hard-earned!

Special Olympics writer
Special Olympics writer

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