Reporter Journalist — Musical Arts Writer (August 2011)

Musical Arts Writer

Ten years ago as a musical arts writer (one of my many journalism hats worn in those days), I covered Megan Nicole, a blossoming musician in the Houston area. I thought I’d revisit that article in Katy Lifestyles & Homes.

The magazine is no longer in existence, but the artist lives on! I’ve included screenshots of the write up (below), and am thrilled to report that today Megan Nicole has 4.16 million YouTube subscribers. More of her music can be found on her website. She has a popular blog as well, and some pretty cool advice on everything from apparel to décor to entertaining.

This was a fun assignment. I recall a young star, just starting out, and her excitement as she soaked up the limelight. Even then, I could tell she was a standout based on support from her family, friends, and fans.

Her latest song, “Sunshine,” debuted just this month (October) 2021 and can be heard on Youtube. You can find her full playlist here.

Musical Arts Writer — Texas Star

I’ll be blogging on the many artists I’ve interviewed over the decades, particularly in Texas. In the meantime, enjoy Megan Nicole’s story, written (seemingly) a lifetime ago. And congratulations to her for sticking with it in an extremely competitive world of music.

Musical Arts Writer

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